LEGO Women of NASA Review – These Women Rock!

Lego is no longer a complete boy’s domain!

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Product: Lego Ideas – Women of NASA (set 21312)

Price: $24.99USD (amazon.com)

Dimensions: 10.3 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches, 231 pieces

Age Appropriate: 10 years+

My Rating: 4.75/5 stars


Product Overview:

Currently ranked #1 in Building and Construction Toys on Amazon and with good reason.

Space travel at its finest hour was supported by four amazing women of history and NASA, now in miniature fun size:

  • Nancy Grace Roman – astronomer and educator
  • Margaret Hamilton – computer scientist and entrepreneur
  • Sally Ride – astronaut, physicist and entrepreneur
  • Mae Jemison – astronaut, physician and engineer

Aimed at novice to intermediate Lego builders, with the build taking on average an hour to complete for most users, it finally breaks through the barrier of Lego being a boy’s only domain.

With three smaller builds to create within the 231 pieces, it is a set that is designed to inspire any young woman with a budding interest in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics to look up to these historical role models and drive their own path with confidence.

STEM and History Coupled Together:

For any parent, who knows that the confines of the classroom can be boring when it comes to how these essential subjects can be presented, targeted towards boy’s future careers, finding a way of closing the gender gap is crucial.

Allowing young girls, the women of the future, to engage with imaginative role-play, to ensure they have the confidence to leap from their bedrooms with the belief they can reach for the stars and beyond, is of the greatest value.

The User’s Guide also features girl power!

Containing the inspirational stories of these four women and their contributions to their respective fields, as well as the female fan designer, who was part of a crowd source ideas project and the all-woman team of Lego designers behind the scenes.

Take Me to The Moon:

The imaginative role-play that can be created from this set, allows even the amateur astronaut to launch and go through the 3 removable rocket stages of the Space Shuttle Challenger, and feel like they are taking one small step for “woman” kind.

Back to where it all began in 1969 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this set includes the infamous Hubble Space Telescope.

The individual design of each play set has hours of fun written all over it! Lego provides a detailed build guide, that allows anyone from the age of 10 to create their own fun.

Girl Bosses Unite:

This set is also part of several complimentary sets that can allow everyone to lose themselves in space based imaginative play.

Lego Ideas encourages customers to provide their feedback and ideas for future sets that are designed to be “out of the box” and of non-traditional Lego design.

It really is a set that is fun for all ages, with a focus on celebrating difference, extraordinary achievements and inspiring education.

Maybe the new passion project that will become the base of a lifelong career.

Michelle McDade


  1. So in the end, it isn’t just a toy or group of toys. It is obviously from your review a mindset and probably a first step of a dream into reality for these kids especially the girl kid. Really we don’t have this as an issue over her much as I study chemical engineering and I have in my class a 55:45 ratio of boys to girls. So it would only be natural that I join in the mind set that girls should be allowed encouragement for their dreams to leap onto the void above and touch the stars. Thanks for this article 

    • Wow. You have such an important role in inspiring kids. Thanks for checking out this article. I hope I can help you again in the future. Michelle 

  2. This was a great review packed with thorough content. I have to say, this is a really good niche and I hadn’t thought of it, either. I am currently finishing up the niche finding process. Truth is, I actually love throwing themed parties for the kids too and can really enjoy planning them. I will definitely be checking out your blog regularly.

    • Great to find a kindred spirit. I look forward to helping you with future content.

  3. Hi,

    That’s very inspiring . I wasn’t known to the women astronauts residing in NASA . I have got to know their names and the posts in NASA . It’s a matter of proud to be physicist , engineer and astronaut at the same time . The kids will be able to learn about the scientific people by this idea of Lego . As they will be playing with Lego and make up stories with these , they need to about the actual scientist to create their own story through imagination through reality.Thanks for sharing this idea.

    • Yes I love this Lego set too! So inspiring for girls and boys. I think the world encourages kids to grow up too quick, so some imaginative play with Lego is a great space for their creativity and imagination to run wild. Have a great day. Michelle  

  4. So happy to find these LEGO women of NASA product of NASA stars, Nancy, Margaret, Sally and Mae. It’s exciting that they have these. Pretty neat, now I know what to get my niece for her birthday she loves science and she is 5 years old. Thank you for sharing!

  5. This is a great article about a great product which is not only a toy but a history lesson and a unique and creative tribute to some clearly legendary pioneers. This will surely become a collectors item. I know as a Lego fan, they don’t produce their kits forever! It’s nicely written and I have definitely learnt something by reading it. Definitely worth bringing some attention to.
    By the way I have a 6 year old daughter and I love this website so have bookmarked it and look forward to future posts.

    • Thanks for your feedback Eileen. My kids loved Lego too. Now I’m in the process of trying to bring all the sets back together so we can pass onto friends with smaller kids. Have a great day. Michelle

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