Remote Control Robot for Kids – Check This Out!

It walks, it dances, it sings, it speaks and it’s sure to be a hit!

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Product: Remote Control Robot for Kids – AOSENMA

Price: $29.99USD (amazon.com)

Dimensions: 7.9 x 12.1 x 3.7 inches, 1.4 pounds

Age Appropriate: 6 years+

My Rating: 4/5 stars


Product Overview:

A fun way to introduce the world of science and robotics to children of all ages. Recommended for those 6 and up, but who can really resist the lure of a robot dancing to its own beat?

Offering an alternative to the usually limited backwards and forwards of the remote control toy car world, this futuristic robot allows kids to immerse themselves in robotic learning and programming, which really is the way of the future!

Charged via a USB cable for 3 hours, it has an amazing 2 hour running time it will outlast even the most enthusiastic singer and dancer. It has two walking modes, it sings, dances, speaks and follows gestures, becoming a fully engaging and interactive toy with even the younger age bracket.

Learning and Language Love

The child can become the ultimate choreographer creating their own routines and dance moves – funky robot chicken anyone? The remote control allows the child to become the boss and control every movement at a touch of the easy to use transmitter. With little help needed from mum and dad in the play phase the child will really feel like a king or queen of the robots!

A toy that not only has the potential to induce a love of science but also speaks in 5 different languages, will assist those from a bi-lingual background to introduce both languages through play without the usual need for tapes and books, or a stuffy classroom setting.

Or for those parents wanting to introduce another language, with children’s brains acting like a sponge, they will be able to soak up the pronunciation of fun words and phrases, in a low pressure environment. Hooray or hurra depending!

Pick how to Play

You can pre-program up to 50 actions which can then be played out via the transmitter, or for those who like to be in control you can use the remote to play out step by step actions following your every cue.

The robot also responds to gestures via infrared sensors located in the head allowing the child to physically direct the robot to move forward, backward and turn. Instant action with instant reward will immerse into the robot world.

This will deliver instant giggles and hours of fun and the child keeps up with the robot to crash into furniture walls or groove its way across the playroom floor.

For the younger audience, the robot has pre-programmed songs and dance complete moves with a lighting sequence contained within the demo mode that will excite and encourage the budding robotic scientist.

A Sci-Fi Reality

Your child’s new friend will allow them to speak a new language of their own, understanding the language of science, robotics and the way of society.

With everything in the modern age from shopping to medical procedures, becoming increasing automated, beginning the interest in robotics from a young age will normalize the use of robots in the future and potentially kick of a life long love of science, language or play!


Michelle McDade


  1. This is really awesome. I really like this because this is the first time I have seen such an awesome robot. The recommendation of the age of the kids who can actually use the robot is really cool. The advantages for kids like learning how to be a cheorograher by creating their routine using this robot is really cool.

    • Kehinde 

      Thanks for your feedback. I think this robot is really cool too. Keep an eye out for more toy reviews I will post soon. Michelle 

  2. Hi,

    This is a great innovation for kids and adults alike. I think the toy robot will play a leading role in modern life and will become a normal part of everyday. This remote control robot toy will be able to teach children something good, such as dancing, singing and talking accurately. Thank you for your beautiful writing.

    • Thank you Irin, you are right about robots becoming part of our everyday lives. Keep an eye out for my future toy reviews. Michelle 

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Children will gain knowledge while they play. This remote control robot is indeed a creative one for children where they can learn about the robotic world while interacting with their robotic friend. Its amazing programme for dancing, singing, and interactive gestures will attract children with lots of fun. Thanks for the beneficial post.



    • Thanks Ranao

      I love the idea of kids learning while they play. Robots are super fun, especially when they are interactive like this one. 


  4. Computers really do play a large role in our children’s education as Robots make things a lot easier for students.Although I agree that computers aid in our kids’ education, my concern is that kids often get addicted to computer games to the point that they neglect their studies.

    From your review, I see that this Robot is not too expensive and I think I will have to get it for my kids.

    I am going to purchase right away

    • Thanks Ola, I agree that kids (and adults too) can get addicted to computer games. It’s our job as parents to guide them away from this. I hope the robot is a way to learn about computers but perhaps it’s not quite so addictive. 

      I hope you enjoy.  Michelle 

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