Struggling For Birthday Present Ideas – Awesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys

There’s a wave of party invitations, and you’re running out of ideas.

Everything you suggest to your 7 year old gets a look of something between disgust and embarrassment.

Look no further, we’ve done the research on the hottest gifts for 7 year old boys!

Read on…..

Awesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Cubebot


Cubebots are the most addictive wooden robot toys.

Made from wood and elastic, Cubebots can be positioned in all sorts of amazing poses.

And when you’re done, the Cubebot folds back into a the cutest cube. This is a toy for kids of all ages!

Star Wars LegoAwesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Star Wars Lego

The options here are endless. Lego fans can join forces to build their favourite Star Wars spaceships and droids.

With such a huge range, there is a suitable price point for everyone!

Awesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Crazy Slime BucketCrazy Slime Buckets

Grab a giant bucket of neon slime! Kids around the globe are fascinated with slime and this bucket of fun is no exception!

It comes in so many cool bright colours, it will rock your slimy world.

Archery SetAwesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Archery Set

Looking for an outdoor activity present. A kids archery set will be a massive hit.

Inspire the next Robin Hood with an archery set, including bow, arrows and a target board.

Keep an eye out for arrows with suction tips for extra safety.

Awesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Giant Dinosaur PuzzleGiant Dinosaur Puzzle

Jurassic World eat your heart out!

You can create your very own Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, or Stegosaurus.

These prehistoric 3D wooden animals are easily assembled, and come to life by sound activated walking and dancing.

Airzooka Air BlasterAwesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Airzooka Air Blaster

The amazing Airzooka blasts a harmless vortex of air up to 6 meters.

You can mess up a person’s hair, ruffle their shirt, or send their papers flying from a distance.

If you buy more than one, you can play air tiggy with a friend.

Awesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Retro Arcade ConsoleRetro Arcade Hand Held Games

With hundreds of built-in games, the mini arcade hand held devices help to expand thinking, in a fun way.

It’s just like old times, but in a new, portable way to amuse your child while at home or away.

Intelligent Futuristic RobotAwesome Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys Intelligent Futuristic Robot

These awesome robots can walk and dance from up to 10 meters away with an infrared remote control!

With flashing lights and music, it’s a sure hit, especially after dark.

Wrapping Up!

Woohoo! No more birthday present struggles.

Let me know how you go. If you find something better, leave a comment below so we can all share in your success!

Good luck and feel free to reach out if I can help in any way.

Michelle McDade


  1. Hi Michelle, this is another great list you’ve assembled. I have bookmarked to be able to go through with my son whose birthday is coming up in 2months time. I can already tell what his choices would be down to. I personally like the Archery set and the Retro Arcade Hand Held Games. I can imagine that they’d be a hit but before I get ahead of myself, will wait and see what the birthday boy’s choice would be. 

    • Glad I could help. I love seeing a kids face light up when you’ve really captured their imagination with a gift. Good luck with your son. Michelle 

  2. The intelligent futuristic robot would truly be the best and awesome gift for my 7 year old son. He loves watching the dance songs on TV and he also loves to imitate after having watched the dance and even when watching. I truly would love to have him the intelligent futuristic. So my son really loves playing and leaving his toys out doors sometimes so since this is electronic is it resistant to moisture or it only has to be used indoors?

    • Thanks for your question. Whilst the instructions don’t say anything about moisture, given the robot has batteries, I would suggest leaving it out in the rain would not be a good thing. In this case it needs to be a fair weather robot only. All the best. Michelle 

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