The ultimate list of super gifts for 7 year old girls

It’s party time and you are stuck for present ideas, as at 7 girls start to steer away from their younger childhood obsessions, ready to begin new ones!

It can be a tricky time to provide a gift that won’t offend the “grown up” mindset of your 7 year old whom is wanting to be treated like an adult, but still with the fantastical ideas like ice cream is the best breakfast given the choice.

We’ve done the hard yards and have researched the hottest gifts for 7 year old girls!

Read on…..

FurReal Pets

For those parents listening to a constant stream of “Please can we have a puppy?” Knowing ultimately that they will be the one to walk, feed and play with said puppy – this is the gift giving idea for you!

This toy puppy allows your child the ability to show they are ready for a pet! The interactive plush puppy performs tricks, responds to rewards and even allows your child to “clean up” after puppy.

This toy is really the next best thing!

Mermaid Blanket

With everything princess and fantastical being on trend – make your 7 year old’s mermaid princess dreams come true. The classic look mermaid blankets have sizes to fit children and adults, you could even live out your 7 year old-self’s dream.

The blankets are designed to be suitable in any weather and they also come with a customized gift bag and a sequin bracelet for an added magical touch.

Wow Wee Fingerlings

Swing them, pet them and rock them to sleep! It is a case of friendship that comes to life literally at your fingertips.

With a range of creatures to become your girl’s new friend they create a magical interaction through response to noise, motion and touch, with blinking eyes, head turns, and a variety of cute noises.

Singing Machine

Calling all Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran wannabes and fans to the front of the room! Ability to connect to any smart device allows this singing machine to be customized to your child’s (or your) musical tastes. They can rock out and become part of the band, put on a show or be the show stopper at their next birthday or family gathering.

Fun for all ages, it’s a karaoke machine that will have them lining up for more.

Pop Up Princess Tent

Creating a little sanctuary in a busy room! This pop up tent will allow your little princess some time to unwind with books, or games; or create her own magical fantasy inside her very own princess castle.

Durable to be used over and over and to be dragged from room to room, it will provide hours of endless imaginative fun. This set comes with its own princess dress up tiara, wand and tutu.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer Set

Release the inner artist with this time tested and true crafting experience. First gaining popularity in the 90s the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer has kept it modern, updating and reinventing itself to appeal today’s child by becoming electric powered.

The creativity of spray markers introduces the world of airbrushing with washable markers.

Glitter Nail Manicure Set

What 7 year old girl doesn’t love glitter? This set comes with everything you need to create your own glitter nail creation including confetti and rhinestones.

For the next nail artist in the making, this set will provide hours of entertainment, that might even get Mum (or Dad) involved with the peel off glitter polish there is no excuse not be ready for a manicure! The kit comes with a self-contained carry case, for ease of transport to the next sleep over and for storage.

Hair Chalk

Let their individuality shine!

It is the latest craze and without the permanence of hair dye, let them style their hair in all the colours of the rainbow! For peace of mind these chalks wash out with shampoo and water – no special removal required.

Bath Bomb Making Kit

Turn bath time into an intergalactic experience. With science based play, this set includes everything that is required for the creation of glitter bath bombs. The child can be extra creative mixing colours and fragrances to make it their own.

Wrapping Up!

Woohoo! No more birthday present struggles.

Let me know how you go. If you find something better, leave a comment below so we can all share in your success!

Good luck and feel free to reach out if I can help in any way.


Michelle McDade

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