You’ve Reached Double Digits!! Awesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls

Can you believe it?

10 years old. Double digits! What a milestone.

This can be a tricky gift selection time as your baby girl teeters on the edge of tweenager.

We’ve got you covered. Read on for the research on the hottest gifts for 10 year old girls!

Awesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls String Art

String Art

String art is super fun!

Using colourful string, pins, paper, and a board, you can create anything from cute critters to fashionable flowers.

Great for wall art or gift cards, the options are limited only by your imagination.

Awesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls Lego Women Of NasaLego Women of NASA

Space travel at its finest hour was supported by four amazing women of history and NASA, now in miniature fun size:

  • Nancy Grace Roman – astronomer and educator
  • Margaret Hamilton – computer scientist and entrepreneur
  • Sally Ride – astronaut, physicist and entrepreneur
  • Mae Jemison – astronaut, physician and engineer

This LEGO set is designed to inspire any young woman with a budding interest in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, and finally breaks through the barrier of Lego being a boy’s only domain.

AquabeadsAwesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls Aquabeads

Aquabeads are water activated beads that are fun and safe for the entire family.

Creating Aquabeads is super simple – make, spray and in just 10 minutes the beads will be stuck together in your magnificent design!

You can create cute animals, delicious looking desserts, and fantastic flowers.

Awesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls Glitter TattoosGlitter Tattoos

Give your girl a Glitter Tattoo set to create beautiful professional temporary tattoos in just minutes!

The shimmering designs you create are waterproof, skin safe, very easy to apply and can last up 7 days.

Great for a group of girls to design for each other, or you can simply decorate yourself!

Design Your Own Water BottleAwesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls Design Your Own Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style!

Express your style by decorating your own water bottle with markers, glitter and beautiful gemstones.

This is a great gift for anyone who is creative and colourful. It’s also a perfect group activity for parties or sleepovers.

Awesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls OoniesOonies

Oonies are the coolest inflatable creations!

Using the inflator, and your imagination, you can join Oonie pellets to make amazing creatures and cute designs.

No glue, water or mess. Just air filled balloons of fun!

Make Your Own Tie Die T-ShirtAwesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls Tie Dye

Everyone loves the magic tie-dye creations!

Let your personality run wild as you twist, scrunch and bind your T-shirt into an extraordinary tie die design.

Awesome Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls Friendship BraceletFriendship Bracelet Kit

Friends are everything when you’re 10!

Creating friendship bracelets is fantastic fun for girls, letting them express their personalities by creating super funky fashion.

Wonderful make to make for friends or keep for yourself.

Wrapping Up!

Woohoo! No more birthday present struggles.

Let me know how you go. If you find something better, leave a comment below so we can all share in your success!

Good luck and feel free to reach out if I can help in any way.


Michelle McDade


  1. I was searching online for ideas for my granddaughters 10th birthday coming up next week and came across your website

    Wow you have some really great ideas and I especially love the friendship bracelets as this will keep the girls amused for hours and I will get to wear one when it is done

    This is such a wonderful place to visit and I will be back again real soon thank you

    • Thanks Vicki, I’m glad I could help. 

      Let me know how you go with the friendship bracelet present. I love to get more feedback, especially from the kids themselves.  Michelle 

  2. Hi there, thanks for droppings this, I definitely found something better there which I believe most 10 years old girls will like, in my opinion though, but reading through your post, to me personally, they are the best, the 1St one the Friendship Bracelet Kit, it’s represent friendship forever and second I like most is aquabead, really beautiful and colorful 

    • The aquabeads are really cool. Thank you for your feedback. I’m putting together reviews for boys and girls aged 1-10, so keep me in mind. Hope I can help you in future! Michelle 

  3. Finding the right gift for 10 year old or even any kid can be daunting, atimes.  Sometimes, you buy one thing and they want another. Some well trained kids would thank you and tell you not to worry as they can manage it but the others would out rightly reject it and still through a fuss. While, I like some of the gift ideas, I think you made the selection for mostly the girlie girl type of girl. It would be nice if you add something or make a post with a list for the tomboy kinda girl too. Thanks. 

    • That’s great feedback and you are right. I’ve missed the sporty girl or the tomboy girl. I will work on refining the next version. Awesome work. Thanks. Michelle 

  4. Thanks for the article it so helpful to theose that have kids at home like myself

    i have been looking for a gift to give to my girl as her birthday present this items fit  in and seems like a perfect one for her especially the Glitter Tattoos.i will like to see more of your review on other kds toys 

    • I’m working on reviews for ages 1 through to 10 years of age. Keep me in mind when your next searching for gift inspiration. Michelle 

  5. Nice and brief article. I agree with you that reaching a double figure for a young girl is a milestone. It is worth celebrating. All the gifts mentioned are lovely but I will go with the tie and die T-shirt. It looks unique and special for a girl and I bet she’s gonna like and remember it for a long time. 

    • I love the tie dye too. Every single T-shirt (or pillow case) will be unique. It’s an awesome gift. 

  6. This is an interesting post amazing for creative and imaginative and scientific minds, in fact this is the best array of gifts for any type of mindset. They are indeed suitable for girls around the 10 year old age bracket. The favourites for me were the tie dyes for T shirts, the water bottle personified designs and the temporary pro tattoo kit. This is a wonderful list. Cheers.

    • Hopefully you can use the list to get the next great gift for a girl you know. Cheers Michelle 

  7. Thank you for all of these wonderfully, colorful suggestions for young girls. I’m not a parent myself but I have a lot of young ones in my family that I have so much trouble buying for. I really like the water bottle gift idea, not only is it way they can express their creativity but it’s also a good way to keep the them hydrated. 

    This was such a big help to me, next time I have to buy a gift for one of the girls, I’ll know what to get. 

    • Thanks for your feedback. I think the water bottle is beautiful. My daughter is a teenager now and is always in search of a funky water bottle. 

  8. All of these look so fun to do for the little girls. Even seem fun for adults. The girls in my family’s daycare just love anything with colorful strings and beads. String art seems like a wonderful fun project we can try. I think another fun project to try is making slim from water and baby powder. Our girls are crazy with them and always find fun ways to do with them.

    • Wow. I’ve never used baby powder to make slime. My 11 year old son makes a mean slime with PVA glue and borax but baby powder sounds much simpler. We will give it a try. Thanks for letting me know. All the best. Michelle 

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